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The programme in a nutshell

As an educational programme, Eco-Schools encourages practical actions but also puts education for sustainable development at the heart of the process by supporting numerous links to school curricula.

The objectives

By instilling a sense of responsibility and empowering students, the programme contributes to developing a generation of self-confident, environmentally conscious “global citizens”.

Why participate?

The Eco-Schools programme offers a framework and a methodology that helps schools engage in a long-term approach to education for sustainable development.

Contact us


Association J’aime ma Planète
Av. de la Paix 11, 1202 Genève
+41 22 784 30 25

Rue Louis Meyer 7, 1800 Vevey
+41 78 229 23 63

Eiben-Kollektiv, Eibenstrasse 9
8045 Zürich

+41 77 506 03 33

By E-mail:

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